Management Console 5.16.0 - Release notes


  • Workflow Editor for BDE 7.9.
    • Added new "BSI-GSK" standard to list of DE standards.
    • Added support for asymmetric encryption to be used in Secure Variables.
    • Added ability to use Secure Variables.
    • BDE 7.9 workflow editor requires HTTPS connection with BMC.
  • Report BIOS administrator password and power-on password in PDF report

  • Self-test results reported through Asset Report to be displayed under "Self-test result" column.

    • Added a new report path to support this.

Bug fixes:

  • MC-7258 - Columns names for HW Tests show only as 'test'.
  • MC-7247 - I am not getting a full reports when I am trying to export the reports as CSV file.

Known issues:

  • Workflow editor requires HTTPS connection with BMC to be usable.