• ALBUS-10471, MC-7154 - Enhancing the status communication of BDE when erased remotely from BMC.
  • ALBUS-10428, ALBUST-1253 - BDE accessibility for the visually impaired (Section 508 compliance).
  • ALBUS-9275, WFE-279 - New erasure standard "BSI-GSK".
  • ALBUS-10464, ALBUST-1231 - Support for 802.1x authentication with client certificates.
  • ALBUS-9319 - Report the BDE session timestamps (Timeline API).
  • ALBUS-9149, SHARED-521 - Detect and report if the BIOS settings are locked with a password.
  • ALBUS-9528, WFE-280 - IBR Workflows - option to encrypt "extra HTTP headers" field.
  • ALBUS-9219 - Taking and saving screenshots.

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-10339 - Kernel upgrade.
  • ALBUS-10379, ALBUS-10534 - Fixing the support for the Wi-Fi adapter Intel Alder Lake-P PCH CNVi (found on Dell Latitude 5330, ThinkPad P1 Gen 5 Type 21DD).
  • ALBUS-10641 - Fixing the support for the Wi-Fi adapter Realtek RTL8852AE 802.11ax (found on Dell Latitude 5430).
  • ALBUS-10574, ALBUS-10576 - Fixing the support for the Wi-Fi adapter Intel Wireless-AC 9260 (found on Lenovo 20NKS42D01 - ThinkPad T495, Lenovo 20LNS09W00 - ThinkPad 11e 5th Gen "Yoga 11e TOUCH").
  • ALBUS-10597 - Fix for a booting issue on Dell Precision 3581.
  • ALBUS-10714, ALBUS-10459, ALBUS-10918 - Fix for a problem where BDE did not boot or crashed on machines with NVMes having a special formatting.
  • ALBUS-9830 - Fix for a booting problem on Dell Inspiron 24 5410 (blank screen).
  • ALBUS-10814 - Fix for a booting problem where the machine hanged if booted with its drives connected (loose drive processing).
  • ALBUS-7676 - Fix for a bug where the erasure failed on SAS drives with 524/528 bytes per sector (e.g., IBM SAS SSD 1.6TB drive).
  • ALBUS-10652 - Fix for a detection bug for the NVMe 1TB Micron/Crucial M.2 PCIe CT1000P5PSSD8 SSD (found in Dell Inspiron 14 7430 2-in-1 Convertible).
  • ALBUS-10512 - Fix for a detection bug where some drives were detected with the wrong vendor.
  • ALBUS-10793 - Fix for a slow erasure speed on some USB external drives (e.g., WD).
  • ALBUS-9955 - Fix for a problem where BDV failed the verification in case of a "Fingerprint" or a "Bootable Asset Report" configuration.
  • ALBUS-10636 - Fix for an IBR Workflow failure with BDV in case of "drive-level" workflows.
  • ALBUS-10626 - Fix for an IBR Workflow issue with variables defined in the "Server Message" extra headers.
  • ALBUS-9299 - Fix for a bug where the Screensaver was shown during the Battery Discharge test.
  • ALBUS-10527, ALBUS-10776 - Fix for a bug where the Screensaver did not work consistently in Automatic process.
  • ALBUS-10694 - Fix for an issue where no sound was played from the machine Speakers and the Microphone did not activate during the Hardware tests on some machines (e.g., Dell Latitude E7450).
  • ALBUS-10683 - Fix for a discrepancy between the report shown in the BDE UI and the report shown in BMC when using the "NIST fallback".

More information available in the Detailed Release Notes, please request it from your Sales or Support Representative.