Highlighted features:

  • LEE-4628 - Added support for RedHat. little endian running on Power 8, Power 9 and Power 10 machines. A build of LUN for Unix for Red Hat Linux.
  • LEE-4627 - Implemented secure license consumption.
  • LEE-3160 - Added further enhancement to M1 Mac erasure
  • LEE-3799 - Added ability to encrypt report if time limited licensing is used.
  • LEE-4666 - Added Logging functionality.

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-4684 - Allowed more use cases for separator in multitarget option.

  • LEE-4622 - Fix to Drive Eraser for Mac (License Consumption Issue)

  • LEE-4607 - Fix to Erasure standard not been able to be set for BDE for Mac in Config file.

  • LEE-4590 - Fix to T2 MacBook erasure hanging with BMP (if Outgoing port is used)