Drive Eraser 7.10.0, Drive Verifier 7.10.0 and Configuration Tool 3.10.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-10441, ALBUST-1304, WFE-298 - Play a sound when the erasure of a drive completes.
  • ALBUS-10835, WFE-296 - IBR workflows, "Server Message": support DELETE method.
  • ALBUS-10685, WFE-295 - IBR workflows, "Server Message": support PUT method.
  • ALBUS-10836, WFE-297 - IBR workflows, "Server Message": support PATCH method.
  • ALBUS-9211, ALBUST-1308 - Support for FC-NVMe connected to FC HBAs (NVMe over Fabrics).
  • ALBUS-10833, ALBUST-1309, WFE-301 - IBR workflows, "Erase": ability to put an erased drive in a verifiable state.
  • ALBUS-9707, WFE-299 - IBR workflows, "Create Custom Erasure": ability to define a custom overwrite.
  • ALBUS-9594, WFE-287 - IBR workflows, "Save Issue Report" workflow action.
  • ALBUS-4229 - Identify report exceptions with a unique numeric code.
  • ALBUS-6091, ALBUST-1314, WFE-302 - Allow enabling or disabling the "Write Same" command.
  • ALBUS-8856 - Chromebook support, integrate DHCP server in BDE.

Improvements and Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-11088 - IBR workflows, fix for a problem with the "Question" action default selection focus.
  • ALBUS-10987 - Fix for a problem where the "Automatic Report Backup" was triggered right after hardware tests were finished.
  • ALBUS-10899 - Fix for a problem where Sanitize Overwrite on ATA drives failed due to a timeout.
  • ALBUS-11025 - Fix for a bug where the connection to BMC failed if the network settings were configured at the same time from the UI.
  • ALBUS-11056 - Improved support for special characters on Wi-Fi SSIDs and passwords.
  • ALBUS-10924 - Fix for a problem where the Battery Discharge Test was possible with a connected charging cable (e.g., on HP 250 G7 Notebook PC or HP 15 Notebook PC).
  • ALBUS-10903 - Fix for a bug with the CT "Reconfigure controller mode" setting (the "No, skip" value and timeout were ignored).
  • ALBUS-10999 - The screen resolution is now reported for all machines (was not reported on "Detachable" and "Tablet" chassis types).
  • ALBUS-10933 - Fix for a bug where the recovery partitions were selectable for erasure even when the "Preserve recovery partition" setting was enabled.
  • ALBUS-10953 - Better handling of IBR workflow names.
  • ALBUST-1217 - CT: Hardware Tests can be selected or deselected with Ctrl+A.
  • ALBUST-1261 - CT: Erasure standards can be selected or deselected with Ctrl+A.
  • ALBUST-1309 - CT: The "NIST 800-88 Clear" erasure standards supports overwriting patterns of 1-4 bytes.