Management Portal 2.4.1 - Release notes


  • Configurable login options:
    • SSO + Email-password
    • SSO Only
    • Email-password only.
    • Login option can now be selected at company level or user level. Default is SSO + Email.
  • Open report in new tab.
    • Report can now be opened in a new tab.
  • Blancco Mobile Solutions (BMS) - Lease feature support.
    • BMP now supports BMS lease feature.
  • UX improvements: several minor updates to UI, responsiveness and mobile screen support.

Bug fixes:

  • BCC-2807 - Adding new user fails with error "Email address not available".
  • BCC-2804 - Unable to fetch default workflow.
  • BCC-2752 - Total Memory should be reported in GB.
  • BCC-2750 - Failing login due to bad date format.
  • BCC-2649 - Disappearing access expiration if you click other tabs within a single window.
  • BCC-2402 - Sending an encrypted report from DE to BMP results to MC_REPORT_UPLOAD_OK.

Known issues:

  • BCC-2758 - Send report by email does not work in this build.