Blancco Eraser for Apple Devices 5.2.3 - Release notes

This is a fix release for customers processing devices running iOS and iPadOS 17.4 with BEAD, but not really required for customers processing Mac devices only.


  • PHEN-11946 - Device doesn’t initialize or erasure can fail with reason “Device information could not be fetched” 
  • PHEN-11944 - Subscription check for KDDI: "Unknown" 

General notes:

  • Support for MacBook M3 Pro erasure is added in this release but license re-use for the model is not yet supported.
  • Blancco Mobile licenses are required to be available on the license account to run processes for Mac computers. As an example, when running Mac Agent diagnostics with newly created BMP Tenants account should have some Blancco Mobile Asset and Mobile Diagnostics licenses (BMDE) available together with Blancco Drive Eraser and Asset profiler licenses (BDE) although eventually only BDE licenses get consumed.
  • Mac computer OS version might get reported incorrectly in case Mac Agent diagnostics is run before erasure in process flow as then Cloud KV store value is used in reporting.
  • It's known issue Mac computer Manual reset can fail.
  • Overall, only USB 2.0 cables are recommended to be used. USB 3.0 cables can cause connection issues with BEAD.
  • Mac computers being erased/diagnosed must be charged at least 30% or more to ensure processing can be done without issues.
  • If Mac computer is in Restore mode erasure can get started from BEAD UI but erasure in that mode will always fail. Only DFU mode is supported with erasure.
  • Apple Configurator app view can be used to confirm whether the Mac computers are in DFU mode and so ready to be processed by BEAD.
  • It's known issue that Apple Configurator gets error state if for any reason Mac computer is tried to be erased two times in a flow for example. Disconnection of the erased device and report clearing is required before trying erasure for the second time.
  • There's USB handling issues detected with Intel based iMac when it's used as a BEAD station. Therefore, ARM based (Apple Silicon) stations are recommended to be used as a BEAD station.
  • Power saver/sleep features should be disabled from the system if erasures are left running unattended, this will prevent unexpected disconnections and related erasure failures and long erasure times