Management Portal 2.5.0 - Release notes

Autopilot detection feature will be fully available May 1st 2024 requiring below components:

  • Blancco Management Portal account
  • Blancco Drive Eraser 7.11.0 (or newer)
  • Blancco WinBuilder
  • Intelligence Business Routing
  • "Endpoint Management Check" license
  • If on-premise Blancco Management Console is being used version 5.18.0 (or newer) is required.

For more detailed information about the licensing and pricing contact your Blancco Sales Representative.


  • User Groups - Management
    • Allows grouping of users into groups

  • License Pools
    • Allows pooling volume licenses. Can assign pools to users.

  • Delete Reports
    • User can select and delete unwanted reports

  • Deleting Tenants
    • Designated Blancco user can now delete a Tenant in BMP

  • Device Autopilot Detection Service
    • Enables the autopilot detection feature

  • UI based configurations for Blancco Mobile Solutions setup on BMP

    • Enables easy onboarding of BMS customers on BMP

  • UI Enhancements and Tweaks
    • Bunch of minor UI improvements

Bug fixes:

  • BCC-2819 - User unable to access the BMP
  • BCC-2988 - Logo upload failed
  • BCC-3040 - Columns names for hardware tests show only as 'Test' instead of the actual test names