Drive Eraser 7.11.0, Drive Verifier 7.11.0 and Configuration Tool 3.11.0 - Release notes

Autopilot detection feature will be fully available May 1st 2024 requiring below components:

  • Blancco Management Portal account
  • Blancco Drive Eraser 7.11.0 (or newer)
  • Blancco WinBuilder
  • Intelligence Business Routing
  • "Endpoint Management Check" license
  • If on-premise Blancco Management Console is being used version 5.18.0 (or newer) is required.

For more detailed information about the licensing and pricing contact your Blancco Sales Representative.


  • ALBUS-9537, ALBUS-8804, WFE-310, LEE-4829, WD-421, MC-7361, BCC-2809, CIS-493 - Detection for Autopilot enrollments
  • ALBUS-8236 - Support for UEFI Secure Boot
  • ALBUS-10270 - Display drives that are unavailable for processing
  • ALBUS-2183, ALBUST-1353 - Support for Japanese input method
  • ALBUS-9505, ALBUS-6470, ALBUS-7556 - Report display information (size, vendor, resolution...)
  • ALBUS-9624, ALBUS-9045 - Automatic BIOS time update
  • ALBUS-11208, ALBUST-1345 - Hide proxy fields
  • ALBUS-10124, WFE-383 - IBR workflows: ability to skip a hardware test
  • ALBUS-11305, ALBUS-11282 - IBR workflows: support for nested variables
  • ALBUS-11007, ALBUST-1349 - "Three-sectors" verification
  • ALBUS-8479, ALBUST-1340 - Format NVMe drives after erasure
  • ALBUS-10052 - Release dynamic IP address at shutdown
  • ALBUS-7333 - Improved hotplug for USB-to-Ethernet adapters (any USB port)
  • ALBUS-10443 - Hotplug support for USB Wi-Fi adapters
  • ALBUS-10667, ALBUST-1341 - Hardware diagnostics: Battery Capacity test is both automatic and manual
  • ALBUS-11122 - Log the Fingerprint in the XML report
  • ALBUS-9200, ALBUST-981 - Support for "Report per Connected Devices" mode in all Enterprise images

Improvements and Bug fixes:

ALBUS-10891 - Memory usage optimization on idling machines
ALBUS-11238, ALBUS-10913, ALBUS-11221, ALBUS-11223, ALBUS-11224, ALBUS-11440 - Fix for Microphone & Speaker Tests issues occuring on several machines
ALBUS-11288 - Fix for an erasure speed decrease on a E2400 system
ALBUS-9869 - Fix for drive detection issues on server environments
ALBUS-11388, ALBUS-11266 - Better handling of special characters in Wi-Fi passwords
ALBUS-11499 - Fix for a crash occurring after trying a "NIST 800-88 Clear" erasure
ALBUS-11003, LEE-4814 - Fix for a booting issue on Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 3
ALBUS-11206 - Improving the writing of the sectors adjacent to the Fingerprint location
ALBUS-7808 - Fixing the battery detection on Surface Pro machines
ALBUS-11501 - Fix for an issue where the NIC looping did not work when a VLAN is in use
ALBUS-11533 - Fix for a Chromebook erasure problem, related to ChromeOS v122
ALBUS-11412 - Fix for a problem where drives behind StarTech SATA PCIe Controller were not detected
ALBUS-11375 - Fix for a bug where the UI stoppped responding when saving a report with empty mandatory custom fields to a network share
ALBUS-11117 - Fix for an issue where an Enterprise image did not support per-drive reports
ALBUS-11339 - Fix for a drive detection issue on HP DL 380 G9 with HPE Smart Array P440ar
ALBUS-10657 - Fix for a problem where IBR Workflows could not collect reliably "Uncorrectable Sector Count" data from drives
ALBUS-11398 - Fixing a namespace detection issue on NVMes
ALBUS-11367 - Fixing the usage of keyboard shortcuts when the screensaver is shown
ALBUS-11058 - Improving the detection and reporting of batteries
ALBUST-1322 - Configuration Tool: renaming "Asset report" to "Bootable asset report"