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Management Console 4.5 - Release notes:


  • MC-5229 - New Business Intelligence Dashboard Widget – Operator throughput - Erasure.
    • Utilizing the Business Intelligence backend introduced with MC 4.4.0, there is a new dashboard widget. This graph and table allows for the direct comparison of erasure throughput by all members of a group over a set period of time.
    • The Operator throughput widget will allow managers to determine throughput on a new granular level, allowing for greater insight into performance at a staff level.
    • The graph / table can be filtered by product, group, and a date range selected.
  • MC-5155 - Erasure Statistics Drill Down.
    • Success and failure rate percentages for the top and bottom 10 devices are shown as a new pair of graphs in the Erasure statistics widget.
    • The device label can be clicked to take a user to a report view showing the reports that make up that data. This feature allows identification of performance issues amongst the device population, and quick access to reports for these devices.
    • This will allow for proactive operations management to seek out resolutions to any potential production shortcomings.
  • MC-5161 - Export Reports with Report Values in Filename.
    • When exporting reports as 1 report per file, it is possible to have the resultant filenames contain any of the report’s values in the filename.
    • Available through the API and UI.
    • When exporting volumes of reports, this feature allows a user to design an easy to identify name scheme for the reports. This will enable further integration with 3rd party applications and processes.
  • MC-5190 - Backup Received Report Files.
    • It is possible to enable the ability for MC to backup incoming reports directly to the local filesystem prior to processing them into the application.
    • This feature allows for reports to be backed up immediately, removing any fear that they may be lost.
  • MC-5222 - Callback URL with Report UUID.
    • It is now possible to configure the callback URL to include the reports’ UUID instead of the DB primary key.
    • This allows for integrations with third party applications to record the UUID of the report, which is guaranteed not to change regardless of where the report resides.
  • MC-5240 - Reset Password with Email.
    • When resetting a password, it is now possible to recover the account with either the username or email address.
    • It is common for a user that has mislaid their login details to forget both the password and username.
    • Passwords can be reset with the user’s email address, which is likely more memorable.
  • MC-5247 - Withdrawal of EULA/ToS consent.
    • A user may withdraw their consent to the EULA/ToS as agreed when they first logged into the MC system.
    • This will result in the user being locked out of the MC until they next agree to the ToS.
    • All reporting data is retained for the user, and will be accessible by peers / managers as if the user was still using the system.

Bug Fixes/ Changes:

  • MC-5143, MC-5235 - Performance increases in:
    • Group editing.
    • Exporting multiple reports.
    • Exporting all reports.
    • Editing reports.
    • Sending reports via email.
  • Warnings for future deprecation of MySQL database installations are now included in the installer.
  • MC-5724, MC-5169 - Various logging improvements:
    • Error messages for SMTP errors improved.
    • Fix logging locations during installation.
  • MC-4987, MC-5225, MC-5233, MC-5173, MC-5265, MC-5174, MC-5192, MC-2791, MC-3635 - Various UI fixes throughout the application.
  • MC-5149 - Fix for an issue where importing a report file containing >2000 reports could fail. Moving or deleting a user with these volumes of reports could also fail.
  • MC-5203 - Fix for an issue where report importing could fail where a report contains UTF-8 characters, when the database was MySQL.
  • MC-4487, MC-3693, MC-3335 - Various localization issues fixed:
    • Large formatting errors (spaces) removed from summary PDF in Chinese localization.
    • Fixes for Portuguese installer and application.
    • Fix for an issue where installation could fail if installation path included Nordic characters.
  • MC-5236 - Fix for an issue where user cannot be deleted if they have viewed the process management page.
  • MC-4470 - This fix prevents uninstaller from running until the Management Console service has completely stopped. It was possible, running MC on Windows, to start the installer prior to the service completely stopping –resulting in a failure to completely remove the service and files in the installation directory.
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