USB Creator 3.2 - Release notes


  • LEE-1356 - Support for UEFI Secure Boot.
  • LEE-1150 - User interface scaling.


  • LEE-1120 - Fixed an issue where changing menu entry name does not work intuitively.
  • LEE-1141 - Fixed an issue where checkbox and text is drawn on top of disabled timeout input.
  • LEE-1145 - Fixed an issue where connecting memory card while application is running doesn't update media list.
  • LEE-1173 - Fix for an issue where MacBook Pro 11,4 cannot be booted with Drive Eraser 6.1.2 USB created with USB Creator 3.0.0.
  • LEE-1375 - Fix for an issue where loading same image multiple times will cause duplicates in boot menu.
  • LEE-1593 - Fix for an issue where using images with same name from different folder will cause error while copying images to USB.
  • LEE-1603 - Fix for an issue where wrong version number is shown in GRUB.