Preinstall 2.5.0 - Release notes


  • LEE-1229 - Improvements for Windows product hardware report.
  • LEE-1512 - Possibility to make Preinstall to load DE ISO with memdisk.
  • LEE-1590 - Add Windows user name to DE custom fields.
  • LEE-1356 - Support for UEFI Secure Boot.

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-964 - Fixed an issue where only generic error message and error code (100003) is shown if user attempts to install PreInstall twice.
  • LEE-965 - Error messsage 110004 while installing PreInstall. Error message is caused by insufficient user privileges.
  • LEE-1397 - Fix for an issue where rebooting the computer too soon doesn't write required configuration to the device.
  • LEE-1398 - Fix for an issue where UEFI boot menu has Windows entry that doesn't work.
  • LEE-1399 - Fix for an issue where Preinstall causes errors 110004 and 100003 on HP 800 G2 machines.
  • LEE-1457 - Fix for an issue which caused hardware report's connector type to have semicolon at the end of the field.
  • LEE-1461 - Fix for an issue where hardware report is not working in WinPE.
  • LEE-1598 - Fix for an issue where Preinstall program is not responding when creating partition.
  • LEE-1535 - Fix for an issue where partition creation fails if there is unallocated space larger than Preinstall creates already available.