In some occasions, connecting faulty hard drives to E800/E2400 erasure appliances can cause the erasure progress to be reset for other connected non-faulty drives.

Blancco is currently investigating the root cause of the issue and any further findings will be updated on this article.

As a workaround, we recommend connecting the hard drives to a Windows machine before running the erasure, if you believe that the drives might be faulty. Additionally you can run a quick format on the drives to verify that they are behaving properly (i.e. they can be written). If Windows (or some other OS) cannot detect and format the drive, then it is possible that drive is faulty and might cause complications when erased on E800/E2400 units. If there is no issues detecting and formatting the drive in Windows, the drive should be able to function properly on the erasure appliance as well.

If you run into similar kind of issues, we recommend you to contact Blancco Technical Support by submitting a new ticket.