Management Console 4.6.0 - Release notes:


  • MC-4111 - Clone Report Views
    • A new action has been added for reporting views: clone. Views can now be cloned and therefore it’s easier to have many similar views that differ only slightly
  • MC-5263 - EMS Integration: SL Entitlements
    • Up until now it hasn’t been possible to create SL (i.e. “haspless”) entitlements. Now it’s possible to both create and update entitlements for SL containers. Cloud managers are also able to control how many SL containers any given customer can create.
  • MC-5259, MC-5301 - Performance Improvement
    • There was a slight delay when performing operations related to listing Blancco products. E.g. when listing the products in BI so that the user can choose to only see erasure failures in Blancco Mobile Device Eraser. In some cases report upload was slower than usual when using Microsoft SQL Server. The issue was fixed.

  • MC-5279 - Disk Information
    • Information on the disk was added: total disk size and the amount of free space on it. Both are of course for the disk or partition on which MC is installed.
  • MC-5255 - Short Usernames
    • Previously username had to be at least 5 characters long. It was changed to 3 characters so whereas ken wasn’t allowed before it is now.
  • MC-5261 - Internal Audit
    • An internal audit on security was performed again and after examining dozens of attack vectors security has been improved.

Bug Fixes / Changes:

  • MC-5329 - Incorrect uptime
    • In some cases diagnostic report had an incorrect uptime when MC is installed on Windows.
  • MC-5329 - Database Size Error
    • When using Microsoft SQL Server it was possible that calculating the size of the database failed and an error was added to the diagnostic report.

  • MC-5270 - AMS Config Empty URL
    • Empty URLs should’ve been allowed but weren’t.
  • MC-5269, MC-5271, MC-5296 - Various UI Fixes