Unable to use licenses, receive/import reports or create new users, first please make sure you have checked the main things below -

  • Ensure Licenses are valid and correct for the software you are trying to use 
  • Ensure that the HASP key is being seen correctly on the server (e.g using the HASP tool or using a web browser to connect to "localhost:1947" checking the feature tab for valid licenses)
  • Restart the server that the Management Console is installed on


Once the things above have been checked the issue is most likely being caused by the transaction log file within the database connected to the Management Console reaching full capacity. This means that the database can be only read from and not written to.

An error will mostly be shown within the main.log file (this is found in the Management Console installation files) in regards to the Management Console database-  "The transaction log for database "YourDatabases'Name" is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'


If it is found that the transaction log is causing the database to not be able to be written to, the solution would be to shrink the log file to free up space. Also, measures should been taken to monitor and take all necessary steps to avoid the 'lack-of-space' issue in the future.

Following the link below for troubleshooting and resolving this issue - 

Troubleshoot a Full Transaction Log (SQL Server Error 9002)

If the issue persists, please contact the Blancco Technical Support team by submitting a support ticket