File Eraser (for Windows) 8.2.1 - Release Notes


  • Ability to Select/Deselect All in Recycle Bin view
  • Added tooltip in the Setup Tool for Management Console address format
  • Verification Slider is now disabled if Admin verification setting set in registry
  • Erasure Standards are now listed in alphabetical order


  • Drag & Drop skipping files over 4 gb
    • Files over 4 gb can now be drag and dropped
  • Multiple security improvements
    • Added more encryption and signing among other security measures
  • UI didn’t say what format should be used for MC server address
    • User is now guided by example in the setup tool.
  • Registry values
    • The confidential values in the registry created by the software are now encrypted by default.
  • Pressing ESC during erasure of files and folder aborts the erasure silently
  • Only 11 files can be selected through "Browse files..." dialog
    • Improved the way we select files through the Windows File Browser to be able to select all the highlighted files