Management Console 4.8 - Release notes


  • MC-5505 - Change Report Digital Signature of Reports.
    • Due to the digital signature update from SHA1 to SHA2 (to remain ANSSI compliant) new reports will not be able to be imported to Management Console lower than 4.8.0 release. Importing will fail completely.
    • Old reports will work with Management Console 4.8.0 onwards.
    • See compatibility matrix for more info end of this document.
  • MC-5506 - Advanced Drive Eraser PDF Report (ADEP).
    • As Drive Erasure collects smart attributes and puts them to XML reports which allows Management Console to import it. Showing all the values takes a lot of space in the PDF and therefore, we are allowing to choose an advance template which will include these smart attributes and minimize the space in the normal template.


  • MC-5516 - Performance improvements for Report Management and BI.
    • We have improved the performance for reports being pre-processed and hibernation.
    • Further improvement has been done for the performance of aggregate soft removal.
  • MC-5471 - Robust Callback URL.
    • This is an existing feature where on receiving a new report it sends an HTTP request to a designated URL along with the report ID or an UUID.
    • We have made it more robust and reliable by sending HTTP request x number of times just like we have done it with our Two-Way Communication.

Compatibility Matrix

Drive Eraser < 6.6

Drive Eraser 6.6 or >

Management Console < 4.8


Not Supported

Management Console 4.8 or >