Drive Eraser 6.6.1 / Configuration Tool 2.5.1 - Release notes

Important: Due to a new report digital signature, the Blancco Drive Eraser v6.6.x releases are not compatible with the Blancco Management Console 4.7.1 or lower (report importing and sending will fail consistently).

  • If you are using a local BMC and want to upgrade to BDE 6.6.x, please upgrade first to BMC 4.8.0 or higher.
  • If you are using the Blancco Cloud, it is fully compatible with BDE 6.6.x.
  • BDE 6.6.x have the same hardware support than BDE 6.5.2; you can still use v6.5.2 in Production during the time you need to migrate to BMC 4.8.0.
  • The BMC 4.8.0 is fully compatible with BDE 6.6.x as well as with older BDE releases (< 6.6.0).

Bug fixes / Improvements:

  • ALBUS-6021 - Improved reporting of self-test results in both the PDF and XML reports.
    • New sections informing on the attempted test type (short, extended, conveyance) and its status (successful, failed).
  • ALBUS-4808 - Support for the Broadcom BCM57788 Ethernet controller.
    • The controller was detected but the network connectivity did not work.
    • Fully supported now.
  • ALBUS-5954 - The report was occasionally displaying the BIOS time instead of the BMC or HASP dongle time.
    • Now, the BMC/HASP time is always used if detected, even if the HASP is disconnected or the network connection is lost.
  • ALBUS-5443 - Custom fields defined with a regular expression have their predefined values cleared during the bootup.
    • Predefined values do not necessarily verify the regular expression and can end up in the final report.
  • ALBUS-5895 - Disks behind a Smart Array P420 controller were erased at a low speed (< 1 MB/s).
    • The average erasure speed is now 50 MB/s.
  • ALBUS-5778 - During an SSD erasure, a failed verification after an optional Cryptographic Erasure could fail the whole erasure.
    • Now, both the CE and its subsequent verification are optional: if they fail, the erasure will continue and will attempt other commands.
  • ALBUS-6020 - Glitch when selecting self-tests on drives from the BDE UI.
    • Some other erasure options were occasionally disappearing.
  • ALBUS-5920 - The verification was calculating errors based on sector chunks instead of individual sectors.
    • Occurred in 6.6.0, relates to ALBUS-5696 (threshold on read errors).
  • ALBUS-6019 - The verification was sometimes failing when the amount of read errors was beneath the threshold.
    • Occurred in 6.6.0, relates to ALBUS-5696 (threshold on read errors).
  • ALBUS-6004 - Problem with the NIST fallback (purge to clear) that was not available after the erasure was resumed.
  • ALBUS-5941 - Some special symbols (< and >) where not rendered properly in the XML report.
    • Those symbols are skipped from the report.
  • ALBUST-467 - Image configuration Improvements to configure an image that installs the "HW Edition" on a machine.

Known issues:

  • ALBUS-6093, ALBUS-6101 - There exist some corner cases regarding the reporting of failed sectors during the verification.
    • They are currently investigated and will be fixed in the next release.