LUN Eraser for UNIX 2.3 - Release notes


Due to its new report digital signature, the Blancco LUN Eraser (for UNIX) 2.3 is not compatible with the Blancco Management Console 4.7.1 or older (report importing and sending will fail consistently).

  • If you are using a local BMC and want to upgrade to LUN Eraser for UNIX 2.3, please upgrade first to BMC 4.8.0 or higher.
  • If you are using the Blancco Cloud, it is fully compatible with LUN Eraser for UNIX 2.3.


  • Mac OS support added.

    • Blanco LUN can now work natively on Mac OS (Mojave).

  • Mac T2 erasure support.

    • Latest Mac with T2 hardware chip are supported for erasure.

  • New state of the art digital signature for reports for added security.

    • Due to the introduction of this new signature, Blancco Management Console 4.8 or greater is required.

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-1926 - USB error messages are shown when starting erasure.

  • LEE-1782 - If configuration has two license files configured then new value is written on top of old.