Drive Eraser 6.7.0 / Configuration Tool 2.6.0 - Release notes

Important: Due to a new report digital signature, the Blancco Drive Eraser releases v6.6.0 and higher are not compatible with the Blancco Management Console 4.7.1 or lower (report importing and sending will fail consistently).

  • If you are using a local BMC and want to upgrade to BDE 6.6.0 or higher, please upgrade first to BMC 4.8.0 or higher.
  • If you are using the Blancco Cloud, it is fully compatible with BDE 6.6.0 and higher.
  • The BMC 4.8.0 and higher are fully compatible with all BDE releases (< 6.6.0 and >= 6.6.0).


  • ALBUS-6002 - Improving the detection of faulty drives / Hotplug timeout.
    • Configurable timeout to detect a hotplugged drive. Can help to spot faulty drives more easily.
  • ALBUS-5249, ALBUST-469 - Hardware diagnostics: Webcam.
    • New hardware diagnostic for the webcam.
  • ALBUS-5495, ALBUST-476 - Detect and erase attached flash devices.
    • The software warns the user in case flash devices (SD cards, USB sticks) are detected. They can also be erased if the setting is enabled.
  • ALBUS-6003 - Two-way communication: job specification on the drive level.
    • The Two-Way Communication process has been expanded to loose drives connected to an erasure station.
  • ALBUS-6025 - Two-way communication: show the completed process without turning off the asset.
    • The job specification can now be configured to let the machine turned on (idling) after a completed process.
  • ALBUS-3841, ALBUST-80 - Time zone support for reports.
    • BDE has time zone support for reports. Also, the date/time/time zone are shown beside the icons in the user interface.
  • ALBUS-6001, ALBUST-475 - Support for Slovak language.
    • New language support, the user interface is now translated in Slovak.

Bug fixes/Improvements:

  • ALBUS-6126 - Improving the execution of the Sanitize Overwrite command on SAS HDDs.
  • ALBUS-5853 - Support for the RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller.
  • ALBUS-5087 - SATA drives behind PERC H700 Integrated MegaRAID SAS controller were not properly detected and erased.
  • ALBUS-5536 - Drives behind Adaptec ServeRAID 8k/8k-l8 controllers were not being detected at all.
  • ALBUS-6007 - Drives connected first were occasionally duplicated in the UI whereas drives connected afterwards were not detected.
  • ALBUS-5890, ALBUS-5909 - Better handling of special characters in custom fields and customer/operator fields.
  • ALBUS-6084 - Improvements to prevent displaying and erasing the internal SSD.
  • ALBUS-6093 - A verification following a firmware-based erasure could get stuck on low capacity drives (less than 16GB).
  • ALBUS-6113 - Exporting reports from the embedded BMC to a USB stick failed.
  • ALBUS-6146 - Adding additional erasure details in the report (on images having a special customization).
  • ALBUS-6153 - The erasure progress got stuck at 0% when a 100% verification was selected (6.7alpha releases only).
  • ALBUS-5070 - Some CD and DVD readers failed the optical read test if an erasure was running.
  • ALBUS-5684 -The battery test was successful even if no voltage was detected.
  • ALBUS-5953 - Laptop battery was still detected even after being removed (occurred on HP EliteBook 820 G3).
  • ALBUS-6098 -In case of a verification failure, the number of processed sectors was sometimes not updated.
  • ALBUS-6047 - Fixing the support of Intel's VPRO technology (remote booting was failing).
  • ALBUS-5862 - Dell Precision 5520 could not be booted.
  • ALBUS-4805 - The touchpad could not be used as a button or for scrolling.
  • ALBUS-6012, ALBUS-6011, ALBUS-6010, ALBUS-4730 - Small fixes in the user interface (missing localizations in the UI and report, small glitches when erasing partitions).
  • ALBUS-5709 - On some machines, the SD card was detected as an eMMC and the normal drive (HDD, SSD) was duplicated in the report.
  • ALBUS-5096 - The focus was not on the first custom field in case the Customer and Operator legacy fields were disabled.
  • ALBUS-4716 - The battery test was successful even if the capacity ratio was above 100%.
  • ALBUS-6199 - There was a misleading message in the UI (BMC icon) if the BMC credentials were wrong.
  • ALBUS-5210 - A message is displayed at boot time in case the memory test is enabled and running.
  • ALBUS-6051 - The option to save "PDF only" reports has been removed. Choose the option "XML+PDF" instead.
  • ALBUST-455 - Unifying the way numerical settings are handled in BDECT.

Known issues:

  • ALBUS-6126, ALBUS-6142 - HP MM1000JEFRB SAS disks behind a HPE Smart Array P408i-a disappear after a Sanitize Overwrite command.
  • ALBUS-6166 - Wireless connectivity does not work on Dell Precision 5520.
  • ALBUS-6210 - Disk IDs in the erasure view can occasionally be mixed up if flash devices are detected.


ALBUS-5884, ALBUS-5969, ALBUS-5793 - Several HP Zbook models cannot boot BDE unless the booting parameter "nouveau.modeset=0" is entered.