File Eraser for Windows version 8.3 - Release notes


  • Custom fields support.
    • Custom fields can be configured and shown on the erasure report.
  • Licensing through Blancco Management Console.
    • Licensing can be controlled from Blancco Management Console.
  • NIST erasure optimization.
    • Implemented NIST verification which results in faster erasure speeds.
  • Unify erasure standard naming.
    • Erasure standards names are shared with other products like Drive Eraser.
  • New state of the art digital signature for reports for added security.
    • Due to the introduction of this new signature, BMC 4.8 or greater is required.
  • Phased out non BMC editions
    • Blancco Management Console is supported for all editions


  • LEE-1746 - Can't Drag and Drop Files & Folders into File Eraser when app is running as Administrator.
  • LEE-1845 - File Eraser causing SideBySide errors.
    • These errors were showing in the event log but did not affect the erasure.
  • LEE-1864 - UTF16 in batch file will cause failure.
    • UTF-8, UTF-16 and ISO-8859-15 are all supported.
  • LEE-1990 - Spanish and German update dialog texts contain unprintable characters.
    • Some characters were not rendered properly in the user interface.