Please be aware that Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure now only supports diagnostics on iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or higher!
Due to the increasingly larger sizes of iOS firmware installation packages, the minimum RAM needed on a machine running BMDE should be increased from 4GB (old minimum) to 8GB. iOS firmware design requires that large portions of the image be uncompressed in memory which is driving the need for increasing RAM.


  • BTS-29582, BTS-29666, BTS-29677, BTS-29622, BTS-29738, BTS-29844, PHEN-4214, SD-3748 - Blancco diagnostic app doesn't open on iOS devices running 12.2 or older after updating to 4.0.
    • This has been fixed.
  • PHEN-4252 - Apple iOS Erasure fails with new firmware 13.0 on iPhone Xs.
    • This has been fixed.
  • PHEN-4228, BTS-29683 - Erasure technician gets filled with BMC user.
    • Fixes issue causing custom field “Erasure Technician” to become populated with the user name of the BMC user if left blank.