Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure 4.0 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • Process ~15 devices concurrently.
  • Hardware must be able to run Mojave OS and Mac Pro desktop towers are highly recommended. The number of devices that can be processed concurrently are restricted when using a MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini hardware.
  • Supported devices.
    • iOS devices running 9.0 and above.
  • Choose from 40+ diagnostics tests for iOS.
  • Erasure Standards Supported.
    • iOS Factory Reset and iOS Erasure are supported.
  • Reports can be exported as PDF or XML.
    • CSV files are only possible from the Management Console.
  • PHEN-4066, BTS-27879 - Different model name is reported.
    • This issue is now fixed.
  • PHEN-4041, BTS-27201 - A-Model number is not shown in erasure report.
    • This issue is now fixed.
  • PHEN-4040, BTS-27200 - Localization Issue.
    • This issue is now fixed.

General Fixes:

  • Device connectivity handling has been rewritten which resolves lot of issues (e.g. devices staying in Disconnected-state).
  • Fixed lots of stability issues.
  • Fixed localization functionality. Now user specific language selections are set and restored correctly.
  • Fixed potentially higher than needed user privileges issue triggered by BMDE 3.10 installation.
    • All BMDE users should install the new version or run the uninstaller included in the 4.0 installation image if they have already removed BMDE application from their system manually.

Known issues:

  • BMDE for Mac application bundle is not yet using notarization. i.e. in some cases user may need to install package using Open-action from package context -menu / two-finger tap -menu.
  • During testing a few unexpected BMDE MacOS crashes were detected (not reproduced):
    • When saved edited BMDE iOS settings.
    • And when custom workflow with ”take picture” feature was run.
  • It's possible to setup both primary and secondary printers but only one printer can be used for label printing at once.
  • Label size is not detected automatically, correct size must be set in BMDE printer settings.
  • There are few known situations when duplicate device cards might appear:
    • e.g. After failed erasure when device gets automatically connected back in recovery mode or if changing port for device during firmware download. Reconnecting the device or re-login should remove the duplicate cards.
  • With Catalina macOS there’s issue with finder popup window that gets displayed once erasure is started.
    • Erasure continues normally and popup window(s) can be closed once displayed.
  • Every now and then highlight effect does not work in Erasure view and e.g. cancel button might not be visible.
    • To fix that take focus outside the BMDE MacOS for a short moment (e.g. using cmd+tab keys).