Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure 4.1.0 - Release notes

Update Nov 22, 2019:

Newly reported known issues (we are aiming to address these issues on upcoming minor release, BMDE 4.1.1):

  • Black screen issues/UI crash on BMDE user interface.
  • Performance issues with high scale simultaneous erasures.
  • Erasure of some Android models freeze at 99%.

Highlighted features:

  • PHEN-4125 - Rapid Reset of Samsung Devices.
    • A factory reset without validation can now be performed on Samsung devices without the user having to enable ADB mode on the device.
  • PHEN-4237, PHEN-4230 - “Instructions Panel” in Workflow.
    • Instructions panel can be used to open web page or PDF link via workflow.
    • Instructions panel size and location on screen can be adjusted and it stays open as long as closed or flow is completed.
  • PHEN-4233, PHEN-4124 - Limit Browser to Whitelisted List of URL’s.
    • BMDE now has the capability to be locked down to a list of pre-defined URLs, managed by the Admin.
  • PHEN-4227 - Animate SIM Card Icon When SIM Card is Present.
    • The SIM card icon now will have animation when a SIM card is present in the device making it easier to see.
  • PHEN-4192, PHEN-4027, PHEN-3941, PHEN-2235 - iOS Component Serial Numbers.
    • More component serial numbers have been added to what we can now detect in iOS devices.
  • PHEN-4333, PHEN-4242 - Functional Testing (iOS devices).
    • NFC and Hall Sensor can now be tested on iOS devices without pushing the diagnostic app to the device.
    • We will add several more of these “enhanced tests” in the next major release of BMDE.
  • PHEN-4291 - Read HTTP Response Code (int) for all API Hooks.
    • Ability to copy portions of complex workflows for easier duplication and editing.
  • PHEN-4028 - Device Image Validation - New paid feature for iOS devices.
    • This feature allows the user to check iOS devices for any CPI that may be present.
    • This is very helpful in situations where a customer wishes to QA devices that have been repaired or manufactured in order to ensure no data was accidentally left on the device.

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-4376 - BMDE Showing Same IMEI for 2 Devices.
    • Fixed the issue causing duplicate IMEI.
  • PHEN-4363, PHEN-3718 - Manual Confirmation of Permissions Required to Erase Pixel and OnePlus Devices Running Android 10.
    • Fixed. 
  • PHEN-4360, PHEN-4173 - Incomplete Model and Color Information Reported for Some iPhones.
    • Fixed.
  • PHEN-4353 - CDMA not Showing for iPhone 6 Plus.
    • Fixed.
  • PHEN-4313 - Machines Rebooting Often.
    • Fixed issue causing machines to hard reboot, or reboot UI every few minutes.
  • PHEN-4345 - Unable to Connect Redmi Note 7.
    • Fixed issue preventing testing of this model.
  • PHEN-4307 - Duplicate Workflows Not Saving Properly.
    • Fixed.
  • SD-3770 - Test Suite Sequence Changed.
    • The test suite is now sequenced in a more logical way to avoid unnecessary user intervention.
  • SD-3753 - Stress Test Issue.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Stress Test to not work properly with Mi Note 4, MI 5A, and Vivo Y51L devices.
  • SD-3744 - Speaker Test.
    • Fixed issue where speaker test would not work properly on a OnePlus6 device.

Known Issues in Diagnostics Application:

  • Android:
    1. Redmi/Xiaomi devices needs to grant permissions manually (cannot grant automatically unlike other manufacturers).
    2. Operator must wait for auto launch for Redmi/Xiaomi devices after installing it manually. Should not click on 'OPEN' button which appears on the device popup after app installation is completed. BMDE will auto launch the app after a delay of 1/2 seconds.
    3. “Modify system settings” is required for LCD backlight / Auto Rotation test. After API upgrade restrictions, we cannot modify the system settings without user permissions/Automatically. App will open a setting page for allowing this setting.
    4. Device will be locked automatically depending on timeout set in settings. We cannot restrict device to stop auto locking as we were doing it previously (In earlier BMDE versions before 3.6).
    5. Device's Adaptive brightness/Auto brightness setting should be OFF before starting diagnostics. To turn it off, go to Settings >> Display >> Adaptive brightness/Auto brightness.
    6. To install app, device must be unlocked (not screen locked). This is due to API restriction for OS 8.0 and above.
    7. Device brightness should be 80% before starting Diagnostics - This feature has been disabled due to API restriction (PHEN ticket is raised).
  • iOS:
    1. System’s Instruction popup is not getting displayed for fingerprint test while retesting from report page. This is OS limitation and observed in default apps as well.