Blancco File Eraser Enterprise Edition:

Blancco File Eraser is an extremely flexible application which boasts many different methods of integration. The basic installation level is called “Blancco File Eraser Enterprise Edition” and enables the typical end-user to erase files and folders on a daily basis. Additionally, temporary files such as the browser cache, the recycling bin and even free disk space on the hard drive can be targeted. It sports an easy to navigate user interface but also provides a “Secure Erasure Bin” icon for replacing the Windows Recycle Bin on the desktop. Files and folders can be simply dragged and dropped into this icon for secure erasure. Regular erasure of this sensitive data helps prevent potential data leaks and helps organizations adhere to compliance standards and regulations.

Here is an overview of Blancco File Eraser Enterprise Edition

Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition:

If you are looking for more advanced functionality, server support and integration opportunities, Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition is the product for you.

It can be installed on both servers and PCs and can perform erasure on network shared folders or storage. It supports both CIFS (Common Internet File System) and NFS (Network File System). An administrator can also schedule/script automated erasure tasks through the Command Prompt. For example, all .docx files older than six months in a particular folder will be erased at 2:00 am every Monday.

Below is a video detailing the features of Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition. It also includes information about how to use Group Policy Objects in conjunction with Active Directory and Blancco File Eraser. With these tools, an administrator can remotely configure Blancco File Eraser installations which exist on PCs on the same network. As an example, the administrator can dictate which specific overwriting algorithm will be used, point the different Blancco File Eraser instances towards one centrally located Blancco Management Console for report collection, or even set the PCs to automatically erase the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin whenever the end-user logs out of their computer.

Here is an overview of Blancco File Data Center Edition


To achieve improved data leak protection as well as adhere to compliance and regulatory demands, different forms of integration with many different document and/or file management systems may be required. Blancco has extensive experience in this field.

See how Blancco File Eraser integrates smoothly with Microsoft’s File Classification Infrastructure

Erasure reports:

After every erasure, a digitally signed erasure report is automatically generated and stored on the operating system from which Blancco File Eraser has been run. These reports can also be automatically sent to the Blancco Management Console which resides on a dedicated server with its own database in the same network, or even to Blancco Cloud if Blancco File Eraser has an internet connection. See a video about the Blancco Management Console here.

These reports form a tamperproof audit trail which confirms that the erasures actually happened, when they happened and with what overwriting method. They can be viewed directly in the Blancco Management Console / Blancco Cloud or exported and sent to internal users, external customers or an external database. The exporting can happen automatically via an API. See more information about the API here.


Blancco File Eraser also supports various Unix operating systems. For more info contact Blancco Technical Support.

If you have more questions, please be in contact with your Blancco representative and let them know that you have already read through this Knowledge Base article. We look forward to serving you!