On a basic user level, Blancco File Eraser Home Edition and Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition do not differ that much. However, there are a lot of features in Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition that are not included in the Home Edition.

Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition:

  • Certified and approved for Windows Server versions: 2012, 2008, 2003, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The Blancco File Eraser Home Edition cannot be installed on server operating systems.
  • Scheduling and scripting: The administrator user can create scripts for automated erasure tasks. These scripts can be scheduled to be executed on a certain date and time, or they can be "tied to" a specific event.
  • More options to integrate: Blancco File Eraser Data Center Edition can also be integrated into existing business processes. Example: An automated script converts incoming .docx files into .pdf files. Once the conversion is complete, the original .docx file is deleted. Instead of deletion, Blancco File Eraser Server will be used to erase the file.
  • Command line interface included.
  • Network erasure capabilities: Erasing through network and running "Free Disk Space" action for a network drive is possible only with the Data Center Edition.

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