The user can choose what to do if the gets stuck in the finalizing phase. Reason can be that the factory reset is taking a long time or the device does not report the end of factory reset to Blancco 5 Mobile.

In this case, the device goes to "Requires attention" state with the following options:

  • "Continue waiting": The device state in Blancco 5 Mobile is changed to "Finalizing". If device still hasn’t finished in 2 minutes, it goes back to "Requires attention" state. If it can be seen that the factory reset has been finalized, but on Blancco 5 Mobile side the device is still in finalizing phase, it can be reconnected to get the erasure to finish.
  • "Complete": The erasure is marked as successful. This option should be used if factory reset has completed on the device, but the erasure has not finished on B5M side. The report shows if the user has manually completed erasure: "The user has manually verified factory reset".
    • This feature is available from B5M 2.4.2 onwards.
    • The possibility to manually complete erasure is only available when 'Allow manual verification of factory reset' option is selected in B5M settings. It is disabled by default.
  • "Stop": The erasure is marked as failed and device is removed from UI.

If the above mentioned options are not available, try enabling USB debugging on the device. After a while the device should appear as 'Erased".