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Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure - all versionsN/A

All Android devices starting from Android version 5.1 have a new security feature: device protection or factory reset protection (FRP). Device Protection/Factory Reset Protection is automatically enabled when user sets up a Google Account to the device. It is meant to protect the phone from unauthorized access (phone lost or stolen) and the feature prevents use of the device after a factory reset until the corresponding Google Account credentials are provided.

If device protection is enabled, it will not be possible to access the device, and thus it will not be possible to erase the device with Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure. Device can by unlocked by providing the Google account credentials of the previous owner.

Whenever such account is detected on a connected device, Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure software will inform the user to remove the accounts (see below screenshot as a reference) in order to proceed with the processing of the device.

Accounts found on the device. Please remove accounts and confirm by clicking the Ok button.