Blancco 5 Mobile version < 2.5.0

The status of Find My iPhone is automatically detected when the device is connected if the device is activated. If the device screen is locked, it should be unlocked to detect Find My iPhone status. It is also required to accept the 'Trust this computer' alert in the device.

The status of Find My iPhone can be seen in the user interface and in erasure/diagnostics report. Find My iPhone status in supported in reports in Management Console 3.7.0. The information can also be used in label printing.

Find My iPhone status is NOT available if:

  • Device is not activated (in ‘Hello’ screen)
  • In DFU/recovery mode (iTunes and cable symbol are shown on the screen)
  • Device screen is locked with passcode

If Find My iPhone status cannot be detected (in above cases), it is not shown at all.

Blancco 5 Mobile/Blancco Mobile Device Eraser version >= 2.5.0

In version 2.5, Activation Lock(Find My iPhone) detection is supported for all device states by querying the status from a 3rd party provider.

The service is enabled from Settings > iOS > Find My iPhone Settings > Enable service

But please note that the service requires a different license than erasure, which should be requested from customers to Blancco sales representatives.

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser/Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure version >= 3.1.0

In version 3.1, a new option "Recipero settings" is added in Settings > iOS.

This option is for customers who already have user accounts for CheckMEND service hosted by Recipero.

To use this option, customer should enable "Use Find My iPhone check" option under Settings > iOS > Recipero settings, and fill out "Partner ID" and "Secret Key" according to its CheckMEND user account.