Blancco LUN Eraser erases on the logical level. DCO and HPA are not visible to the operating system and are therefore not addressed by Blancco LUN Eraser. However, two things should be kept in mind; Blancco LUN Eraser is designed to be a during-life solution. For end-of-life erasure of the individual hard drives, Blancco Drive Eraser should be used. It also important to remember that DCO and HPA are not implemented in server (data center) environments where storage is expensive and all free disk space is necessary/used.

Remapped sectors may occur on individual hard drives but in this case, the administrator usually receives a warning message that the entire disk is broken and must be replaced. Either way, Blancco LUN Eraser does not see these remapped or broken sectors since it is only presented with the available, working space.