Blancco Mobile Device Eraser 3.0 - Release Notes


  • New product name.
    • Blancco 5 Mobile have now changed name to Blancco Mobile Device Eraser.
    • The user interface has been updated to be consistent with the Blancco product portfolio.
  • Android Smart Reset.
    • If device is already encrypted, it can be erased with factory reset (crypto-erasure).
  • New diagnostics tests.
    • Live call
    • Compass
    • Camera auto-focus
    • Camera flash
    • Camera assisted (Android)
    • Front camera assisted (Android)
    • Light (Android)
    • Screen damage (Android)
    • Barometer (Android)
    • AGPS (Android)
  • CheckMEND support. Enables customers to use their own CheckMEND account to activate this functionality. Supports iPhone Activation Lock.


  • External Monitor Support.
    • Possible to handle external monitor and resolution.
  • LAN Support.
    • Possible to use the software without internet connection, in a local area network.