In late January, 2017, we announced the renaming of our products to unify our portfolio of data erasure and mobile diagnostic solutions. As you probably have noticed, all the new product versions were officially released last week and have been available since. We would still like to remind you all about the new product names and we also highly recommend visiting our official site for more information!

Blancco Data Erasure and Diagnostic products:

 Formerly known as:
Blancco Drive EraserBlancco 5
Blancco File EraserBlancco File
Blancco Mobile Device EraserBlancco 5 Mobile
Blancco LUN EraserBlancco LUN
Blancco Virtual Machine EraserBlancco Virtual
Blancco Removable Media Eraser

Blancco Flash

Blancco Management Console 4
Blancco Management Console 3
Blancco Mobile Diagnostics

SmartChk (any/all variations)