Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure 4.1.1 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • PHEN-4431, PHEN-4426 - Add Image Validation Workflow Tags.
    • Results are now available as tags in Workflows.
  • PHEN-4491 - Remove Disclaimer from iOS Factory Reset.
    • Warning message on PDF report is now removed when running ”iOS Factory Reset.”


  • PHEN-4489 - BMDE | iOS device erasure failure.
  • PHEN-4265 - BMDE 4.0 "no resources" USB issue.
  • PHEN-4287 - All IOS 13 devices crash at end of diagnostics test (Black screen).
  • PHEN-4336 - iPhone 11 can't be erased with Version 4.0.2 from BMDE.
  • PHEN-4406 - Black Screen and Crash.
  • PHEN-4415 - BMDE Crashes.
  • PHEN-4068 - Crash with iPhones.
  • PHEN-4372 - System crashing and restarting during UAT testing of 4.0.2 and 5.2 BMC.
  • PHEN-4348 - Blancco Support Reporting - fylgja crashing on customer.
  • PHEN-4465 - Blancco 4.1 UAT testing.

Known Issues:

  • Users may need to disconnect and reconnect Huawei and Nokia devices in order to get the software to recognize the device and begin processing.
  • For non-Samsung Android devices, if the UI asks for the user to enable USB debugging mode erasure will be allowed to begin but will fail until after the device is put into this mode.