Removable Media Eraser 2.5.0 - Release notes

Highlighted features:

  • Support for at least 24 simultaneous erasures.
    • Multiple detection and UI speed optimizations.
  • Added Polish and Hungarian translation.
  • LEE-1152 - LDK HASP support.
    • Legacy HASP is still supported for the time being.
  • New state of the art digital signature for reports for added security.
    • Due to the introduction of this new signature, BMC 4.8 or greater is required.
  • Display verification percentage on erasure report.
  • Added new device state “preparing” for better status tracking.

Bug Fixes:

  • LEE-2037 - Missing capacity unit from "Size" column.
  • LEE-2209 - Report verification fails if report contains non-ASCII characters.
  • LEE-2263 - Non-ASCII characters not displayed properly on the UI.