LUN Eraser for UNIX 2.5 / Drive Eraser for Mac 2.5 - Release notes


  • macOS Catalina full support.
    • Updated erasure script, the binary was already supported on Catalina.
  • macOS recovery mode support.
    • Eliminate the need for external USB booting.
  • Renamed the macOS version to “Drive Eraser for Mac”.
  • Added MDM and DEP lock detection.
    • The information will be automatically detected and logged in the report.
  • LEE-2191 - Screensaver will be automatically disabled during erasure on Mac.
  • LEE-2262 - Added a command line option for BMC username and password.
  • LEE-2392 - Added business name and business location special fields on the report.

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-2451 - Support of disk size greater than 2GB on 32 bit builds.
  • Registry values. The confidential values in the registry created by the software are now encrypted by default.