Management Console 5.3.2 - Release notes


  • MC-6258 - Report Field widget improvements.
    • Report Field pie chart applies colors to segment in more sophisticated manner.
    • Widget's filter button does not disappear with small screen sizes.

Bug fixes

  • MC-6257 - When using Elasticsearch-reporting accompanied by continuous exports, it is possible to get BMC threads in a deadlock (caused by ActiveMQ running out of memory).
    • This in turn will lead to all DB connections becoming active (but idle).
    • End result is whole service becoming unresponsive.
    • The issue has been fixed and threads cannot end up into a deadlock anymore.
  • SHARED-362 - PDFs Misaligned text in PDF reports.

Known Issues

  • MC-6288 - Report field text may overflow with UTF characters without spaces in exported PDFs.