Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure version 4.2.2 - Release notes


  • PHEN-4869 - UI goes black and restarts.
  • PHEN-4933 - BMDE flow questions disappear when scrolling in UI
  • PHEN-4482 - Cannot deliver reports; error & file not found error.
  • PHEN-4915 - False diagnostic result when iOS device name contains certain Japanese characters.
  • PHEN-4347 - iPhone serial, internal model, and OS version are saved in wrong fields.
  • PHEN-4881 - Question in double.
  • PHEN-4667 - GS10P not showing IMEI without ADB.
  • PHEN-4609 - Add Android IMEI2 to workflow.
  • PHEN-4913 - CPI failed for same phone from which Golden Image was captured.
  • PHEN-4940 - CPI iOS is failing for UI setup and passing randomly.