• ALBUS-6733, ALBUST-580 - Ability to customize the report digital signature.
    • This feature is a security feature allowing the user to create his own custom digital signature, in addition to the one that is created by Blancco.
  • ALBUS-6859 - Faster erasure speed on servers.
    • Several improvements to increase the erasure speed on servers, hence decreasing the overall erasure duration.
  • ALBUS-6857 - Support for Apple machines with T2 chips.
    • Apple machines with T2 chips are now supported.
    • BDE can boot those machines, detect and overwrite their internal drives.
  • ALBUS-6471, ALBUS-6472 - Hotswap for passthrough drives.
    • Drives behind RAID controllers being passed through (i.e. the physical drives are not directly visible by the operating system) can now be hotswapped.
  • ALBUS-6841, ALBUST-579 - Memory test: configure the amount of passes.
    • Allowing the user to configure how many passes the BDE Memory Test will perform.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • ALBUS-6868 - Updating the file required to boot new laptops via USB sticks.
  • ALBUS-6754 - Booting laptops such as Dynabook X30-F-14U via a USB stick works thanks to the ALBUS-6868 improvement.
  • ALBUS-5950 - Drives were duplicated in the UI in some cases. This fix is connected to ALBUS-6471 and ALBUS-6472.
  • ALBUS-5922 - The internal NVMe inside Apple machines with T2 chips was not detected. This was fixed via ALBUS-6857.
  • ALBUS-6520 - There was a flaw in the reporting of read and write errors.
  • ALBUS-6853 - The machine did not restart automatically (when configured to do so) if the NIST Fallback option was enabled.
  • ALBUS-6763 - The erasure standard "BSI-2011-VS" failed on logical drives created on HP Smart Array controllers.
  • ALBUS-6808 - The erasure speed threshold exception message was missing in some cases.
  • ALBUS-6843 - Improving the detection of the nominal and maximum CPU frequency.
  • ALBUS-6874 - Changing the keyboard shortcut for sending reports from Ctrl+N to Ctrl+D.

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