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Blancco Management Console service doesn't start correctly after running/installing Windows updates on Windows 10.

When trying to start the BMC service using the "Start Blancco Management Console" shortcut, it will not work and returns "Service BMC NOT started" error. Additionally, you may see the "BMC" service disappearing from the Windows Services menu.


It is possible that running Windows updates can remove the service for the Blancco Management Console.

This is known to happen on any Windows 10 operating system, especially when major system updates are being installed.

This behavior was seen after the installation of following Windows updates:

KB numberName
KB4577041Fall Creators Update (1709)
KB4557957Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004


The service can be restored by running the "Create-BMC-service" batch file on the affected system. You can download the batch file below:

Download Create-BMC-service batch file

By default the script will point to the default installation directory of the BMC (C:\Program Files\Blancco\Blancco Management Console). If BMC has been installed to some other location, the installation path needs to be updated to the script by editing the bat-file in text editor. Proper installation directory can be determined in the "installpath" variable.

SET installpath=[full path to BMC installation directory]

After verifying that the installation directory is properly set, run the batch file and service will be recreated and it should be visible on the Windows Services menu and user should be able to start the BMC service properly.