Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure 4.3.0 - Release notes


  • PHEN-4424 - Detection of Fake Android Phones.
    • Detect if an Android phone which has been connected is a fake device and provide a notification to the user/operator.
  • PHEN-4362 - iOS Activation Step-by-Step Configuration.
    • Allow selection of which iOS Activation steps to skip and which to force user to pass manually.
  • PHEN-4859 - Functional Testing - Add USB ID.
    • When running “Functional Testing” feature an option was added to show the USB port associated with the device to make it easier to manage multiple devices at a time.
  • PHEN-4114 - Removal or Erasure Validation Step.
    • Erasure validation step can now be removed to speed up processing.
  • PHEN-4119 - Interaction with “Damaged Screen” Android Devices.
    • This is helpful in situations where the screen of the device is damaged.
    • The user is able to interact with the device through the BMDE UI.
    • Device must have USB debugging mode turned on.
    • In the near future we will be able to auto-enable USB Debugging Mode for Samsung and LG devices making this feature very useful.
  • PHEN-5073 - Re-work browser whitelisting to simple bookmarks with forced whitelisting as option.
    • This separates the bookmarking solution from the whitelisting; whereas whitelisting forces only known pages to be allowed to be accessed, this feature is to make that as a ticked option that's on by default, but that can be turned off making the bookmarks part available with no restrictions.
  • PHEN-4639 - Show CPI iOS Fail path in PDF report 
  • PHEN-4091 - Improvement SD Card Detection Improvement 
  • PHEN-5063 - Workflow Add <loginuser> tag

Bug fixes:

  • PHEN-5071 - Unable to open URL in BMDE.
  • PHEN-4971 - iOS Smart Reset Failing Consistently.
  • PHEN-4959 - Workflow question now shows "OK" and "Fail" when answers are predefined.
  • PHEN-5051 - Unable to use HTML Query String in BMDE Default Browser.
  • PHEN-5069 - Missing iPhone color information.
  • PHEN-4881 - Question in double.
  • PHEN-2295 - Lumia 950 - missing default applications after erasure.
  • PHEN-4937 - Blancco Mobile V4.2.1 - Allow for the Settings Template function to work with the BMC account login process.
  • PHEN-4911 - IMEI Character missing.
  • PHEN-4222 - Process restarts if workflow is used.

Known issues:

  • Missing localizations were detected and those will be added in coming releases.
  • iOS initialization might fail if device is connected to BMDE machine during login.
    • To overcome that connect devices only after login or reconnect the devices.
  • While mandatory popups are enabled in some situations Android device status is not shown in “Requires attention” mode in background.
  • If factory reset is started for a device that’s connected in Recovery Mode, that’s failed as expected. But if trying to start Apple iOS erasure right after it fails.