Management Console 5.4.0 - Release notes


  • MC-6335 - Blancco Network Device Erasure License.
    • Blancco Network Device Erasure has replaced the old Blancco Stealth license with ID 6.
  • MC-6289 - Custom Report Digital Signature.
    • Custom Digital Signature allows users to use their own keys to authenticate their BDE reports.
  • MC-6173 - Full Text Search.
    • Instances using Elasticsearch have been optimized to utilize full text search capability of Elasticsearch with report searches which effects the search behavior. e.g. Wildcard search are not anymore supported in the future releases.
  • MC-5590 - Improved License Alerting.
    • Users can define license alert monitors to be product specific and expiration date threshold is also supported.
  • MC-5786 - License Alert Monitors view for regular users.
    • Allows a regular user to only see the license alert monitors from the users below.
    • There is a new authority for granting regular user to create licensing alert monitors.
    • License alert also available now for view only authorized users.
  • MC-6016 - Intelligent Business Routing Phase 2/3.
    • Workflow editors for BDE workflows and BMDE workflows are available in MC.
    • Users can create and modify the existing workflows directly from MC UI.

Bug fixes:

  • MC-6029 - View exporting handles date-filter date-range incorrectly.
    • Time zones are taken into consideration with report view exports.
  • MC-6288 - Report field text may overflow with UTF characters without spaces in exported PDFs.
    • Report rendering has been enhanced to prevent value overflows.
  • MC-6319 - Long non-custom field values without spaces may overflow in exported PDFs.
    • Report rendering has been enhanced to prevent value overflows.
  • MC-6368 - Integration with AMS and authentication not functioning.
    • Basic authentication credentials sending is now done proactively.

Known issues:

  • WFE-92 - Later items in the editor not visible if it contains too many items.
    • Workaround to mitigate the problem is to zoom out of the browser content.
  • MC-6407 - Browser HTTPS connection failure with JDK 14.
    • There are incompatibility issues with the Java version.
    • Java 13+ currently not working with MC 5.4
  • MC-6408 - Custom Report Digital Signature not working in MS SQL.
    • Workaround: Uploading keys to root-group should make accessible for subgroups and users.
  • MC-6411 - Cloud Blancco API search term requires at least 2 characters.