Drive Eraser 6.13.0 and Configuration Tool 2.13.0 - Release notes


  • ALBUS-6460, ALBUST-615, MC-6016, WFE-26 - Intelligent Business Routing - Drive Eraser Workflows.
  • ALBUS-6620, ALBUST-591 - Hardware Diagnostics: Battery Discharge Test.
  • ALBUS-6104, ALBUST-593 - Support for 802.1x authentication.
  • ALBUS-6934 - Ability to reformat a SAS drive after the erasure.

Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-6454 - The screen resolution is reported more consistently.
  • ALBUS-6499 - "Blancco SSD Erasure" was failing on INTEL SSDPE2KE016T7 NVMes.
  • ALBUS-6500 - "Blancco SSD Erasure" was slow on INTEL SSDSC2KB038T7 SATA SSDs.
  • ALBUS-6766 - The erasure speed was reported incorrectly when the SMART test was enabled.
  • ALBUS-6848 - There were black screen problems on HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF desktops.
  • ALBUS-6850 - Microsoft Surface Pro 7 machines can be booted successfully.
  • ALBUS-6913 - Improving the support of Sanitize/ESE/SE commands on drives supporting TCG Enterprise.
  • ALBUS-6975 - Detecting the AC adapter on Microsoft Surface Pro machines.
  • ALBUS-6993 - The support of the USB-to-Ethernet adapter ASIX AX8817X (model AX88772B) got broken in v6.12.0.
  • ALBUS-7023 - The support of the USB-to-Ethernet adapter Realtek RTL8152 Fast Ethernet Adapter got broken in v6.12.0.
  • ALBUS-7086 - Improving the reporting of failed erasures.
  • ALBUS-7000 - Improving the multithreaded writes on NVMes.
  • ALBUS-6534 - Some external USB drives could not be formatted.
  • ALBUS-6537 - Seagate BUP Portable external drives failed the erasure immediately.
  • ALBUS-6952 - Some Dell Precision 5520 laptops froze after BDE booted via the Preinstall tool.
  • ALBUS-6966 - The SSD Kingston RBUSNS8154P3512GJ1 was not detected in Acer A315-54K-33QMI3-7020U.
  • ALBUS-6974 - It was not possible to automatically exclude a drive from the process (erasure or reporting) based on the drive condition.
  • ALBUS-6826 - Samsung Evo 850 SSD did not have its password removed after a failed erasure (ended up locked).
  • ALBUS-7046 - Removable media was reported incorrectly, own <disks> section in the hardware report.
  • ALBUS-6597 - The BDE Network Manager always pinged the gateway.
  • ALBUS-6869 - The number of passes of the Memory Test is now reported.
  • ALBUS-6907 - The BDE Network Manager has been improved.
  • ALBUS-7030, ALBUS-6987 - Improvements on the Enterprise USB Erasure Enablement delivery.
  • ALBUS-6967 - The new grub file provided along v6.12.0 has been integrated in the v6.13.0 image.

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