Drive Eraser version 6.13.1 - Release notes

Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-6928 - The Slovak language could not be preconfigured in HW images.
  • ALBUS-7124 - Custom digital signatures did not work.
  • ALBUS-6772 - Samsung PM1723b / PM1723a NVMe was not detected.
  • ALBUS-7105 - Samsung PM1633a SAS SSD was not detected.
  • ALBUS-6894 - The Erasure Resume functionality did not work.
  • ALBUS-7016 - SK hynix SC308 SATA SSD could not be erased.
  • ALBUS-7104 - SSD on Dell Latitude 7300 was not detected.
  • ALBUS-7056 - The WLAN adapter MAC-address changed between restarts.
  • ALBUS-7146 - Spinning down SAS/SCSI drives did not work, the "standby" label was also not shown.
  • ALBUS-7107 - Filling in the BMC credentials via a popup window did not work.
  • ALBUS-6482 - The message indicating that the Self-test result was completed was truncated.