File Eraser for Windows version 8.4 - Release notes


  • Support for Chinese language.
    • Added Chinese simplified support in the user interface and PDF reports.
  • Ability to configure BMC settings through command line or through Installer as command line parameters.
    • This offers the ability to script deployments and licensing through BMC.
  • Ability to activate BMC licenses from the Activation Dialogue.
    • This makes using BMC licensing easier in case of a post installation setup.
  • All erasure targets will be listed in PDF reports.
    • If the user targets a directory, all files will be listed on the PDF report up to 20000 files.
  • Added a registry key to turn TLS certification validation on/off.
  • Added a /resend command to resend all previously unsent reports.
    • This command differs from the /send command in that it keeps track of any failed report uploads.
  • Automatically trigger /resend command.
    • All unsent reports due to connection issue or BMC settings error will be queued to be resent every 60 min.
  • Ability to fill custom fields from the command line.
  • Support for LDK licensing.
    • Both LDK HASP keys and legacy HASP keys are supported.

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-2273 - Fixed a rare issue when the user can see the “compressed files not supported message” when not erasing compressed files.
    • This was a false positive that led to some supported files being unable to be erased.
  • LEE-2334 - Erasure crashes when erasing long network path files.
    • Raised the max characters supported in a path from 255 to ~1024.
  • LEE-2175 - Custom Field Text Length Limited To Width of Field.
    • Raised the character limit from ~26 to 4000 in order to allow for more data input in custom fields.
  • LEE-2495 - Fixed a crash when erasing temporary internet files.