Management Console 4.1 - Release notes:


  • Blancco will be phasing out SSLv3 technology in favour of the more secure TLS.
    • In this version of the Management Console SSLv3 can, as in previous versions, be re-enabled. The next release of Blancco Management Console will remove this option completely.
    • Blancco Cloud will be updated to 4.1 on 13th May, and will no longer accept connections using SSLv3.
    • This change will only effect customers still using legacy versions of Blancco erasure clients, including Blancco 4.x drive erasure solutions. Reports from those legacy clients can be uploaded manually after having been saved from the session to a USB sticks. It is advised that customers with their own or 3rd party integration with other software (such as asset management solutions) verify that the integrations work correctly without SSLv3.
  • Live management / Live monitoring tables can be edited by users to display relevant content.
    • Sorting and filtering can be added based on column content. Custom field values can be added to table views. Individual users can choose to hide / show sets of sessions, to prevent clutter from other users on the system.
  • Links out to support content (KBs / Submit an Issue / Support FAQ / News). Dynamic links to manuals for currently licensed products, updated via cloud.
  • Audit statistics (when a report is added or deleted) are now written in the same transaction as the report entry itself.
    • This new behavior prevents statistics about import or delete actions being written to the database if the action itself fails, improving accuracy / auditability of the statistics table.
  • User friendly layout to configuration file.
  • Managers will be able to review license stats of employees in groups below them.
    • Previously all users could only see themselves in the license stats table.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for an issue where in some environments a user logged into the Management Console administrator account could download an arbitrary file from the filesystem by constructing a URL.
    • Security issue only affected admin user, not normal users or manager accounts.
  • Fix for a couple of issues where user-created reports could sometimes fail to re-import after they had been exported.
  • Fix for an issue where custom fields that contained commas would appear to be split into several fields in custom views
  • Fix for an issue where whitespace was missing from installation log paths, causing upgrade logs to reside in the wrong place on the filesystem.
    • Issue was only present when upgrading to 4.x from previous versions, on Linux.
  • Fix for an issue where deleting a set of reports, of which at least one has been deleted in another concurrent session, caused an error to be shown to the user.
    • Since the report was already deleted, albeit potentially by another user, there is no error as there was nothing to delete so the first user gets their wish.
  • Fix for an issue where the Role management dialog would not scale properly on screen height <800px tall, causing checkboxes to cover Save / Cancel buttons.
  • Fix for an issue where custom fields with names that end in a period could not be seen in the Custom view dialog, preventing them from being added.
  • Fix for an issue where the Custom views label on the Reporting page was not correctly scaled with various translations.
  • Improve logging around failed export / export all actions. Previously no error logs were available when export failed due to low memory conditions.
  • Fix for an issue where the manage user/group dropdown boxes on the Users page of Users and licensing would be squashed to narrow versions with scroll bars, for no visible reason.