Management Console 4.2 - Release notes

Reduce the Risk of License Loss with Blancco Cloud Licensing Integration

Withdraw licenses delivered to in arbitrary volumes and activate them on a LDK HASP key as needed.

  • Licenses can be delivered directly to Blancco Cloud
  • Withdraw, activate and use licenses when needed across multiple sites or software instances
  • Forecasting at time of purchase is no longer required
  • Keep inactive licenses safe in the cloud

Windows Authentication for MS SQL database connectivity and Simplified Configuration

Mixed-mode authentication is no longer needed during installation targeting MS SQL database.

  • Management Console Windows service can be run as the same Windows user that is performing the installation
  • Active Directory controls authentication for the application accessing the database

Internal configuration items have been removed from the user-editable

  • Reduce confusion when editing
  • Reduce the possibility of mistakes that could prevent the application from running correctly

Reduce Ambiguity with Customizable Summary CSV Reports and Remote Custom Fields

The customizable summary CSV export shows one erasure per line in the file, rather than multiples per line in the standard CSV export.

  • Export from a selection of reports, rather than ‘Export all’
  • Maintains sub-field ordering to allow for visibility at an individual level (e.g. erasing multiple hard drives in a single machine)

Custom fields can be filled on a remotely erased machine that is being controlled from the Management Console user interface.

  • Increase throughput for remotely managed erasure
  • Edit single or multiple sessions simultaneously where shared

Fixes / Improvements:

  • Fix for an issue where when a license threshold was crossed multiple license alert emails were sent to users in Blancco Cloud - effectively spamming the user. Individual nodes lock the sending, so only a single email is received.
  • Fix for an issue where Firefox would autofill login credentials in email settings in Administration. If changes were saved, this could break connection that had been set up with an email server.
  • Fixes an issue where product names were incorrectly fetched, presenting outdated product names in the following areas:
    • API - Fetching user's licenses.
    • API - Fetching group's licenses.
    • Low license alerts.
  • Fix for an issue where links to a product's supporting documentation on the support page were not sorted correctly by version. Version sorting is now consistently applied, and most recent manuals will appear topmost on the page.
  • Fix for an issue where report statistics and license consumption statistics were not updated when navigating around Management Console, but would only refresh on a manual browser refresh.
  • Various UI Improvements:

    • Back button now working from Forgot Password page.

    • Checkboxes can now be activated by clicking on label consistently throughout user interface.

    • Various Process management table improvements.

    • Updated visual appearance for error pages (HTTP 404, 500, etc.).

    • Custom view dialog missing validation error messages.

Download the release notes here