Drive Eraser 6.14.0 - Release Notes

Important: We have discovered an incompatibility between the Blancco Drive Eraser 6.14.0 and any Blancco Management Console below 5.3.0.

  • If you are using a local BMC and want to upgrade to BDE 6.14.0, please upgrade first to BMC 5.3.0 or higher.
  • BMC 5.3.0 and higher are fully compatible with BDE v6.14.0 as well as with older BDE releases (< 6.14.0).

If you cannot upgrade to BMC v5.3.0 or higher, please wait for the next BDE release that be available soon and that will fix this problem.


  • ALBUS-6988, ALBUST-630 - Intelligent Business Routing - Workflows to process entire computers.
    • The v6.14.0 focuses on workflows for processing entire computers.
  • ALBUS-6988 - Intelligent Business Routing - Erasure Fallback in the Workflows.
    • Erasure fallback mechanisms can be configured in the BDE Workflows.
  • ALBUS-6618 - Hotswap for USB-to-Ethernet adapters.
    • Hotswapping USB-to-Ethernet adapters has been improved.
  • ALBUS-7215 - Improved detection of SMART ATA attributes.
    • Several improvements in the detection of SMART attributes for ATA drives.
  • ALBUS-6804 - Detecting new TCG specifications on ATA/SCSI/SAS drives.
    • Detecting new TCG specifications.

Bug fixes:

  • ALBUS-7127 - The settings to erase remapped sectors and to remove hidden areas are turned off by default in generic BDE images.
  • ALBUS-7128 - The "Operator Details" (Erasure provider, Erasure Technician) and the "Customer Details" (Customer name, Customer location) are legacy fields, they are turned off by default in generic BDE images.
  • ALBUS-6444 - Reports generated with some BDE v6.14.0 special images are compatible with BMC v5.5.0 and higher only.
  • ALBUS-7092 - The Battery Discharge Test now passes/fails automatically (no operator involved).
  • ALBUS-7129 - When booting BDE on a headless machine and connecting a monitor, the screen showed an empty user interface.
  • ALBUS-7295 - The popup warning that there is an SSD connected to the machine was shown in case the process was "Workflow".
  • ALBUS-7255 - WDS200T2B0A-00SM50 WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD (2TB) was detected as a 144PB drive.
  • ALBUS-7175 - Erasing a Liteon CV3-8D128-11 SATA SSD (128GB) on a Dell E7270 failed with a "Erasure Target is Offline" message.
  • ALBUS-7278 - Some "USB offline" sticks showed 0 licenses after being created.
  • ALBUS-7160 - Fixing several issues occurring in the BDE Hardware Edition related to the Erasure Resume functionality.
  • ALBUS-7136 - Some machines equipped with Nvidia GM204GLM [Quadro M3000M] video cards showed a dim user interface.
  • ALBUS-6563 - The HPA could not be removed on Seagate Constellation ST91000640NS drives.
  • ALBUS-7289 - On occasions, the connection to the BMC was established although the tray icon showed an error.
  • ALBUS-7090 - Hardware diagnostics can be scrolled in the UI.
  • ALBUS-6978 - The screen saver was displayed on top of ongoing assisted diagnostics.
  • ALBUS-7145 - Improving the detection of the RPM information on HDDs such as HP DG0300BAHZQ SAS.
  • ALBUS-7236, ALBUS-7201, ALBUS-7287, ALBUS-7335 - Fixing several connectivity issues occurring in DHCP networks, the used network interface of the machine was unable to get an IP address.

Please request the Detailed Release Notes from your Sales or Support Representative.