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Drive Eraser Configuration Tool - All versionsN/A


When importing a Drive Eraser configuration (ie, DEconfig.xml) file created in a different version of Blancco Drive Eraser Configuration Tool an error message is displayed "Invalid Configuration Settings".


Blancco adds new features and/or removes obsolete functions with each new Blancco Drive Eraser release. Because of this Drive Eraser configuration XML files are not fully compatible across all the versions.

Note that you can import an older configuration into a new image (for example a Drive Eraser 6.2.0 configuration into a Drive Eraser 6.5.0 image) but not the other way around (from a Drive Eraser 6.5.0 configuration into a Drive Eraser 6.2.0 image).

  • Such backward compatibility does not apply to all Drive Eraser versions available and you may see above error message.
  • Importing an old configuration into a new image will replace the new configuration.
    • In practice, this means that any new settings and features available on the newer image will disappear from the Configuration Tool user interface. For example, if the user is importing settings from version 6.2 to version 6.5 image, the new 6.5 image will behave in Configuration Tool as it would be a version 6.2 image.

For this reason, it is recommended to only export and import configurations between the same Drive Eraser versions.