PreInstall 2.9.0 - Release notes


  • Added more explicit error messages, improved logging and exit codes for command line execution.
    • This should help understand how to resolve or report issues.
  • Documented Windows registry settings.
    • All supported registry settings for configuring Drive Eraser are documented in the user manual.
  • Improve windows update handling.
    • Preinstall will automatically deactivate and change partition type during updates.
  • Updated TLS verification.
    • Certification check is on by default, use DoNotVerifyCertificates in registry to turn it off

Bug fixes:

  • LEE-2900 - HP ProBook G430 G1 does not boot from Preinstall
  • LEE-2796 - Unable to create MSI package with wixeditor.
    • Fixed a compilation issue that broke wixeditor support in 2.8.1.