Network Device Eraser 2.1 - Release notes


  • Added support for custom fields.
    • Two default custom fields are now supported and will be shown on the report.
  • Dropped minor version requirements.
    • This should open up the support of more operating systems and devices.
  • Added OS missing status.
    • For a full list of supported OS please see the user manual.
  • Added support for Rommon mode.
    • The device will automatically be rebooted and password reset if found in Rommon mode.
  • Ability to reload the OS through BNDE.
    • BNDE can now reload an OS on a device if provided with the OS file.
  • Added a user interface for settings.
    • All settings have moved from the config file to a settings menu.
  • Improved logging.
    • This should help resolve issues faster and add support for more models from the logs.

Bug fixes:

  • BNDE-376 - Fixed support issues for IOS 12.2