Management Console 5.9.0 - Release Notes


  • MC-6683 - Fetch multiple issue reports when issue arises on multiple machines.
    • Bulk fetching of issue reports has been introduced for remote erasure clients.
  • MC-6682 - Selectable values from Process Management Tab.
    • Values can be now selected from remote erasure tables.
  • MC-6605 - Show client machine IP addresses in the process management tables.
    • Showing IP and MAC addresses have been added as an optional new columns into remote erasure tables.

Bug fixes:

  • MC-6694 - Summary PDF with NIST800-88 Purge-NVMe: Erasure method explanation not available.
    • Lacking erasure standard description has been added.
  • MC-6666 - Vulnerability - Clickjacking: CSP frame-ancestors missing.
    • Frame-ancestors ‘self’ header has been added to all responses in order to fix the vulnerability.
  • MC-6665 - Vulnerability - Error messages.
    • Error messages are not anymore leaked when malformed URLs are invoked.